9/3/2017 by Catherine Leggitt

swatting_flies.pngNot naming names here, but SOMEONE left the back screen door open yesteray. By the time I discovered the breach in our defenses, a swarm of flies had invaded the house. Not just a couple, more like a few dozen. They buzzed past my ears like dive bombers as I started dinner.

I hate flies. Ugly visions of germ-ridden peril haunted my head. I've read too much about these disease-infested creatures to be comfortable swatting them on the counter or table. But trying to corral them into a food-neutral zone proved daunting. What special spidey-sense alerts them to fly away when I pick up the fly swatter? I suspect those compound eyes are connected to something like tiny computers that process and predict ongcoming peril. In short, they're smarter than I am. In my swatting frenzy, I missed more often than not. When I did score a kill, I'd run for tissue to scoop them up and flush the carcasses before they trick me by being merely dazed--playing dead maybe. I'm sure I hear them laughing as they bounce back to life and fly away. After a dozen trips with the tissues--not to mention getting a sore arm from all the swatting--I thought I finally had the situation under control. (That's nearly half a roll of tissue. Just sayin...)

You'd think that was the end of them, but oh, no. I woke this morning to four of the beasts still buzzing the kitchen. Maybe they're breeding inside the house. What to do? Call Terminex?

During quiet time this morning, I could still hear those annoying creatures whizzing past my ears, mocking and diverting my attention away from being fully tuned in to my time with God. Then a gentle whispered reminder. Flies are like the neon distractions I allow space for in my head: my never-completed to-do list, problem relationships, money issues, upcoming events whether dreaded or anticipated with excitement, preparation for ongoingcares_of_the_world.png commitments, day-to-day obligations and responsibilities, things I need, things I want, keeping in touch with friends and family, worrying over what may be--all the things Mark 4:19 calls, "...the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and the desires for other things (that) enter in and chock the Word...(until) it proves unfruitful." My time alone with the Creator is spoiled by this ongoing internal dialogue. How can I concentrate on worship, praise, and listening to Him with all that stuff rotating through my mind?

The obvious antidote? Intentionally push the seek_first_the_kingdom.pngdistractions away and practice trusting God. I don't have to worrry about what might be. I don't have to know how to schedule my day so I have time for all I need to accompish. I don't have to listen to the noise in my head. I just have to remember that God is in control of the future and my job is to live in the moment. It's all I really have--this moment right now. I'm not in charge of the next moment. Or tomorrow. Trusting God is something I can do right now. The good news? He's always faithful.

What about you? Are you distracted by a plague of flying thoughts that buzz in your ear all day long? God wants His children to live in peace, joy, and contentment. To do that, we must trust Him enough to let go of control. Will you commit to trust Him right now and let God be God of your life?



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  • Marcia


    "The present moment is all that is real. The past is gone. The future is not yet. The single most important aspect of that reality is that God is present in every moment." Gregory A. Boyd

    And little girl, flies are not smarter than you. How big could their brains be? Love you. M

  • Catherie Leggitt


    I am laughing Marcia, because I really don't know how they outsmart me so often when I pick up the swatter. But I thank you so much for the kind words and for directing me to that excellent quote.. My prayer is that I will abide in the present moment where God can be found--to rest in that reality in every moment would be heaven on earth. Love you, Marcia. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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