10/4/2018 by Catherine Leggitt

PINK_SHIRT.pngA stranger pointed at my Victoria Secret sweatshirt as I walked out of Staples the other day. "Pink? On a neon green shirt? What's that about?"

I glanced down at the words emblazoned across my shirt. "I know. Makes no sense, right?"

He shrugged and continued into the store.

Most ladies know that PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria's Secret geared toward younger, more adventurous ladies. The brand seems to be the fastest-growing line launched in Victoria's Secret history. But that guy didn't know that. He didn't knpw the rest of the story.

Despite the fact that I'm technically sixty-something, I think of myself as young and adventurous--besides, (and mostly) the shirt was on sale and matched a pair of running pants I'd recently purchased. How could I not buy it, nonsensical logo or not?

Walking to my car, I got to thinking how many things in my life don't make sense. Maybe they make no sense because I don't know the whole story. And that led me right to thinking about the non-battle of Jericho, which I studied last week at Bible study.

The amazing story is found in Joshua 5:13-6:27. A warrior brandishing a drawn sword startled Joshua while he was thinking or maybe praying. Joshua asked if the man was for Israel or against Israel. Instead of answering, the man replied that He came as Commander of the army of the Lord. 

This messenger from heaven told Joshua God had already delivered Jericho the hands of the Israelites. With his earthly eyes, Joshua saw thick walls surrounding the seemingly impenetrable city and securely locked gates. How could they conquer this fortress. But he listened anyway as the Commander told Joshua God's plan: march around the city for six days, once a day for six days. Arrange seven priests with seven trumpets, soldiers at the front and the rear with the Ark of the Covenant (signifying God's 8_marching-around-jericho.jpgpresence) in the middle. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times, blowing a loud blast on the seven ram's horns When all the people shouted, the city walls would fall down. God would defeat Jericho for them.

Joshua called the people together and explained most of this perfect plan, but he left out the part about the walls falling down.  

So imagine you're an Isrealite soldier on day six. You've done nothing but silently march in procession. The Jericho people are probably up on the wall throwing rocks and yelling jeers. Maybe laughing at you. I'd be grumbling inside. "I didn't sign up to walk around cities. I have on my fighting clothes. I'm ready for war, but we aren't fighting battles. Did Joshua get the directions wrong? This makes no sense at all."

How could the plan make sense without the ending? But the Bible says, instead of doubting and rebelling, the Israelites trusted and obeyed God's command through Joshua and just kept walking.

Right now, several situations in my life don't make any earthly sense. Why would God keep my 92-year-old mother-in-law alive through excruciating and progressing dementia? She has no quality of life. Why does my friend suffer from more than two years of surgeries and debilitating pain? Why don't things turn out perfectly after I've spent hours planning for every conceivable possibility? Botched plans make me feel like a failure, useless and hopeless. Completely baffled. If God could make thick walls fall down, why doesn't He step in and make things right?

I love this quote from the daily devotional First 15: "God loves to interrupt the seasons of our lives in which we feel most lost with glorious enounters with Him. He loves to repurpose us for incredible kingdom work just where we thought we were most useless. He longs to meet with us and envision us for His plans to bring His kingdom to earth."

How about you? Where are you feeling hopeless, lost, useless, fullsizeoutput_5076.jpegfrightened or abandoned because of situations that are beyond your control? Maybe you are on day five or six of your own particular march and wondering why things aren't working as you planned. Could it be that you don't know the whole heavenly story yet? Are you trusting what you see and feel with your earthly senses instead of believing God's promises and waiting for God to reveal the rest of the story?

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  • Sherry Carter


    This is so true! Thank you for being so honest. There are several "what are you thinking, God?" situations in my life right now. I can only get up in the morning because I trust that God's got me.

  • Catherine Leggitt


    I don't know what I'd do without the Lord! So glad you have that sweet assurance too. Thank you, Sherry for your comment. And many blesses as you face your own situations. Be strong and courageous. The battle is the Lord's.

  • Vikki Tripp


    Awesome Cathy! Thank you.

  • Catherine Leggitt


    Thanks, Vickki! Appreciate your input.

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