9/6/2018 by Catherine Leggitt


BullCloseUp.jpgDo you ever feel as if you can’t take another thing going wrong? I do. Like when I plan to spend a writing day but get sidetracked by something unimportant; or when my income accounting statements are delayed for the third time; or I pray and pray for God to send speaking engagements and then He sends an inquiry, but the people decide I am not exactly what they are looking for. 

In desperation, I often try to fix the situation myself which is like shoving Cinderella’s tiny glass slipper onto every ugly foot I came across.  It just never works. Because I'm completely poweless over situations, people, or electronic devices. (That might be the most frustrating to me! I really really really hate when the computer or my phone misbehave.)

When I was weeding my garden, I tripped on the concrete edge and was chastised by my husband. In his mind, I have no business working outside alone. Apparently I have grown so ancient I might crumble in the sun. He said, “You get an idea and take off running like something has to be done right now. No asking for help. No planning. You’re like a bull in a china closet.”

white china teapot.png



But yes. I often grow weary of spinning my wheels. I yearn for the fruit of my labor. In impatience, I strain against God's yoke and chaffe my neck on His timetable. With one foot on the side of serving God and one foot serving my own will, I straddle the fence. This makes me double-minded and unstable. I rush around the china closet, head hanging low, leaving a trail of broken dishes and glassware in my wake.  (How's that for mixing metaphors?) Then I wonder why I am so often overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28–29


God's design is for me to rest in His sovereignty, to relax under the yoke He has specfically taylored to my shoulders. He wants me to leave my weariness, frustration and burdens for Him to carry. He is the Giver of perfect rest. Running around in circles, frantic to create a career or a marriage or a life that God has not provided will never fill me with peace. But resting in His plan and His timing will. He does not promise to remove the challenges I face. But He promises something better: to walk with me and sprinkle my path with abundant gifts—joy, peace, rest, satisfaction, hope, purpose, strength, love and so much more—as I stumble through my trials in child-like faith and unreserved obediance.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you tried to fix your situation, running around like a bull in a china closet, breaking things without accomplishing what you desire? What can you do today to experience God’s perfect rest?




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  • Tami Matthews


    Well said Cathy. We all need this reminder!

  • Catherine Leggitt


    I know I do, Tami. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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