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Christian Author Releases Inspirational Route 66 Road Trip Novel

HOPELAND, PA – September 14, 2015 - Catherine Leggitt's new novel "The Road to Terminus" began with a dream. "Three strangers—a child, an older woman, and a fugitive—were traveling in a car on a journey of discovery," Catherine explains. "When I woke up, this possibility intrigued me, so I wrote it down."

Since Route 66 has always fascinated Catherine, it was a natural fit to send her characters on a desperate journey along the Mother Road. "Setting the story in 1955 eliminated the need to deal with modern technology," Catherine says. "Cross-country flight without quick detection might not be so simple today." The story is full of historic Route 66 landmarks and classic cars since the child has an uncanny, encyclopedic knowledge of all things auto.

Middle-aged Mabel is racing against time to save young Stryker's life, but George Stanton only wants to save his own skin. Soon their destinies become irrevocably entwined, and the road they choose could change their lives forever.

Popular mystery author Lorena McCourtney calls The Road to Terminus "a story that will surely affect the life of anyone who reads it."

The Road to Terminus is available in paperback

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