Connection to God leads to victorious living.
God designed women for fellowship with Him. By walking in faith women find strength to persevere. Increasingly intense challenges plague today's fast paced living. Only in regular prayer and Bible study can we maintain that vital union with God that leads to triumphant, joyful living.

Hebrews 10:38 "...the just shall live by faith"

Catherine is available for women's retreats and conferences, women's club luncheons, book clubs, special engagements, Bible study events, senior center events or any women's gathering.



Matthew 22:37-39
Coffee Theme.
In this crazy, out of control world, it's easy to become unbalanced. Fear, doubt and insecurity fill our minds. That's not how God created His children to live. In order to experience the peace, joy, and strength of the Lord, God must be at the center of our lives.


Nehemiah 8:10
"Pain is inevitable but misery is a choice." Anyone can complain and drag others into their misery. But complaining displeases God. He desires that we choose joy instead. Thankfulness is the key.


John 8:32
Everyone seems to be searching for truth. Instead we find bits of truth mixed up with a lot of lies. Absolute eternal truth can only be found in God's Word. Catherine discusses the nature of Truth and how to deal with Satan's lies.


John 13:34
It's easy to love people who are kind and good. But God commands us to love the unlovable. How can we learn to do that?


Hebrews 12:1
Part 1 Dress to Race
At salvation, all Christians enter a race to glory with God. The Bible is clear about what to throw off and what to put on. In this session, Catherine explores how to run our best race.


Hebrews 12:1
Part 2 No Short Cuts, No Detours
Perseverance is key to run the race God has marked out for each believer. To persevere, believers must resist the temptation to bypass God's plan and do things our own way.


Zephaniah 3:17
Did you know God sings over His children? God's song is the music of joy, peace, abundant living, and hope. In this message, Catherine suggests 5 things that mute God's music and how to unstop our ears so we can enjoy God's singing.

Catherine speaking
Catherine speaking


"I was on the committee which scheduled Catherine Leggitt to speak at our women's tea. She spoke on Always Choose Joy. She tied in scripture and examples from her life and others to prove how we could choose joy if our thinking was biblical. She used humor and even sang. We were very pleased and would highly recommend her as a speaker."

Pam Regan
Big Valley Bible Church, Lodi, CA

"Catherine Leggitt was our guest speaker for our Dec. ladies luncheon from Faith Baptist Church. The ladies were so pleased with Cathy and enjoyed her singing. She introduced her books and some of the ladies made purchases. Cathy's daughter was wonderful too. The ladies never stopped talking about what a wonderful speaker she was and a beautiful lady."

Dennise Sealy
Faith Baptist Church

"Thanks for speaking at our spring luncheon. Your message, "Always choose Joy," touched many hearts. We could see how God has changed you and blessed you through this ministry of helping women overcome complaining. We appreciate that you shared your life with us."

Lori Blackwell
Clements Community Church

"Catherine engages you on every level, relating real-life experiences with a combination of encouragement, humor, pathos and biblical truths. She is relatable because she is authentic. Our women were blessed and we've asked for a return engagement!"

Sharon Gregory
Coordinator of Women Ministries - Good Samaritan Covenant Church
Ministry Coach - Pacific Southwest Conference

"It is a daily battle to listen for God's music. Thank you for the encouragement to choose joy. Loved your sense of humor and ability to keep a positive outlook. The song really helped convey the message. Life is tough, but I'm not alone. The scriptures you used were great"

Jackie Brown

" I loved having you join us at our weekend retreat. You lifted and encouraged us with your God given words. The "Empowered women at Calvary Chapel Tracy" thank you and hope to have you as a guest again soon!! Our doors and hearts are always open to you and Jule. "

Angie Rose

"The gentle power of your message was precious at the Scoop Conference. The song of Paul and Silas . . . in prison. The Zephaniah verse of God's song over ME!??!! The M-U-S-I-Cal notes were certainly carry-home ones on my paper and in my heart . . . for today and tomorrow and tomorrows. Thank you and may the Master Musician keep you strong in His Choir, as He did today!"

Carol Bauman

"Catherine's message clearly gives you the tools needed to find God's joy, peace & strength...as we experience this life. She backs up her claims with the power of God's word. She sets up the scene in colorful detail, that puts you in the place that she is describing so you can actually 'Taste & See' the surroundings. She helps you to relate to God's people so you can apply it to your own circumstance. Encouragement is received: 'For the Joy of the Lord is your strength.' Nehemiah 8:10"

Becki B. Brown
President & Founder of Scoop Ministries Inc.
Executive Director of Hearts of Harvest Foundation

" Recently diagnosed with cancer. All you said helped me come to terms with my upcoming surgery. God brought you to speak about what I needed to hear. Just meeting you and your daughter brought me peace.."

Chris Stone

"I needed the reminder of God's love and the need to love one another. Your entire talk and your wonderful way of delivering your message with a down to earth demeanor was a blessing."


"Thank you so much for the Word. I loved the calm way you delivered it and it was all Biblical. I also loved the song you and your daughter sang."


"What a joy to listen to your message. I pray that the Lord will continue to use you for His glory. I enjoyed talking and sharing with you about my mother and thank you for listening and praying."


"Thank you for speaking and teaching God's message to us. Your insights and personal stories were spot on. It was such a blessing to watch you and Jule interact."


" Thank you so much for coming to speak at our retreat. We prayed fervently over your time here and surely the enemy wanted you not to come. Thank you for your obedience to God."


" I loved having you join us at our weekend retreat. You lifted and encouraged us with your God given words. The "Empowered women at Calvary Chapel Tracy" thank you and hope to have you as a guest again soon!! Our doors and hearts are always open to you and Jule. "

Jeannine Bitz-Parker